Sunday, October 18, 2015

Early Sunday Morning

Early Sunday morning Parvati dozes in the sunshine...

...while a bunny looks on nervously.

The morning is noisy with the chatter of Jays...

...and Robins.

I do not remember ever having so many Robins - easily 20 birds. 

While they do have a pleasant song, this time of year they argue and chatter.

Each bird must have it's own perch.

The higher the better!

Oh, there is a pretty song!  I apologize.

They like my bird bath.

They drink and splash up a storm! 

And squabble! (See the bird on the far right).

 "Hey, it's the weekend, it's Chipmunk Time! Have you forgotten?"
No, I did not forget, I was just saving the best for last! 

My sister just came back from a trip to Maine and their chippies look quite different!

This guy has quite a long large nose, doesn't he?


Le trame della Galaverna said...

In yours photos I see a lot of love.
Always beautiful

Vickie said...

What interesting noses those guys have!
How is Solomon?

Wanda said...

Beth, I have just read the last week's posts. I am so constantly amazed at the beautiful pictures you get. I have never seen so many robins at one time. We saw one today and wondered why he hadn't flown south yet. The juncos are out in full force. We actually had a couple snowflakes yesterday!

Annette-California said...

I think the Robins were having a party! SO wonderful to see all those pretty birds. love Annette

Pam in IL said...

The Robins around here seem to squabble too, but they don't go in the birdbath, lol.

Maggee said...

Now there are no robins around here... guess they went west to you!! Love all the pictures, especially the bathing one! And the chipmunks... ever so cute of course! It is sunny and warm today here... Parvati would like it! Hugs!