Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn Color - Trees

I thought I'd have a finish to share, instead I have a finished moon and an owl silhouette!

 I haven't been on a walk for several weeks now.
The weather is perfect and there is plenty of autumn color.  Let's go!

We'll start out about a mile from home walking along the road.

As I said, there's lots of color.

I waited a couple of days too long.  We had a very windy Saturday and the Ash trees lost most of their leaves.

Oaks leaves - green, yellow, and brown.

One of our neighbors has a lovely Maple tree.

Big Leaf Maples are turning color.

The Madrones though are still bright green.

This is our Big Field bordered in Ash with Douglas Fir behind.

Ash tree.

Bitter Cherry.

Vine Maple.

White Oak.

Pacific Dogwood.

Douglas Fir over-story with Vine Maple under-story.

Our Sweetgums make a statement!

Here's a close up.


Wild Cherry.

And let's not forget the Douglas Firs laden with cones.

Maple leaves and Pine needles carpet the ground.

A perfect day ends with a lovely sunset. 


Vickie said...

A very pretty post Beth!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Wonderful is like a Paradise

Pull the other thread said...

Lovely pics. Great stitching progress.

Maggee said...

NO doubt you finished that project... had company this week... am behind of course! Lovely fall colors for sure! Hugs!