Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Stitching Continues & Back to Birds

Design - "Yule: Winter Solstice"
Designer - The Primitive Hare
Fabric - 32 count Lambswool linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 23 December 2014
Completed - 28 December 2014

Isobel Argante has been beyond generous this year with the series of free patterns she released.  I've stitched four of them, there are three others in the series - maybe next year!

I've had a Sharp-shinned Hawk lurking in the trees most days.
It rather puts paid to my bird watching until it leaves.

But on a rainy afternoon early last week, the hawk decided to hang out on the edge of the back patio.

It isn't a very big hawk - somewhere between 10"-12" tall. 

It thus preys on my smallest of birds - like the juncos, chickadees, and finches.

The starlings and the jays often mob the bird and are usually successful at driving it away. 

I think there are probably two or three of these small hawks that take turns hunting here. If you 'inbiggen' this photo you can see the raindrops beaded on the feathers. 

Tom-Cat was outside under the eaves in a cat-tube, but he didn't appear interested, which suprized me.

There is something about the eyes of a raptor, don't you think?  Such a fierce intelligence.

The hawk then flew down to our Big Woodpile where he met up with a Gray Squirrel. The poor squirrel, though larger than the hawk, froze in a panic - not wanting to turn his back on the bird to scurry away.  I walked down and drove off the hawk so the squirrel could seek safety.


Vickie said...

You are so sweet to help the squirrel out Beth.

Maggee said...

Good for you--hawk needs to move on!

Pondside said...

Such a pretty pattern. More and more I appreciate the softness of the monochromatic.

Cathy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how many different kinds of birds you see! We try to attract them with food and bird houses, but only seem to see the run-of-the-mill ones. But we love them too.

Carol said...

What a cute finish, Beth--I am always so amazed at the beautiful freebies designers so kindly share with us...

Glad the squirrel managed to escape--he does look frozen in fear in that last photo :)

Mouse said...

lovely finish :) and the bird is gorgeous even if it is a predator ... and glad you saved the wee squibble ... wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year ...
love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching. The hawk is a beautiful bird. You're right -- the eyes are amazing. lol about the poor squirrel! It's amazing to see the size comparison between the two.

krayolakris said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the hawks. They are beautiful but I don't want them to eat the local birds & squirrels! Isobel's free charts are great & the Yule chart is in my "must-stitch" pile now. Happy a Happy New Year!

Barb said...

That hawk is beautiful but scary!

Melissa said...

I like your new finish. I had just downloaded that freebie too.

That is one handsome hawk!

Chris said...

Sweet finish. Amazing hawk pics!

Melanie said...

The talons are frightening. Yeesh.

Lovely little finish. :)