Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bunny Sunday

We had a lovely Saturday.
Sunny with a sharp blue sky.  I sat outside in the afternoon without a coat or even a sweater.

The bunnies enjoyed the nice day too.

We had three of them in the backyard.

Look at those big brown eyes!

These bunnies are 'wide-bodies'!

Do you think that's a sign of a hard winter to come?

With warm weather the chipmunks are active too.

They certainly aren't skinny things either!

Nor are my squirrels. May that's because there's more than enough food for everyone. 


Wanda said...

Beth, they are all so cute! They know which house to call home! I can't wait for our chippies to return.

Barb said...

What cute little creatures!! We have had two lovely days ! I only needed a sweat shirt.

Margaret said...

I like seeing the furries in among the feathery once in a while. :D

Pam in IL said...

Our bunnies and squirrels aren't skinny either. We certainly don't have weather nice enough to sit outside without a coat or sweater.

Maggee said...

We had some nicer warm weather last week too, but... it's gone now...brrrr... Cute little critters, all of them!