Thursday, October 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday Progress

"Series Sunday" has been such a success, that I've decided to instigate "WIP Wednesday". 

My notes say that I began JBW Design's "The Rabbit Alphabet" back on the 31st of August 2012.  I got this far on the 8th of November 2012 when I set it aside.

Well yesterday I got it back out and worked on the next segment.  I truly don't have all the much left to do before it is finished.  I'm not sure why it went on stitching hiatus, but now it's back! 

Not everyone wanted to join me on my Wednesday walk yesterday.

But those who stayed behind missed seeing this little guy...

Down in the brush and brambles along side the Big Creek I heard a pair of birds talking to each other.

When I stopped to look, I saw this guy hopping and darting about. 

He's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

I had a Kinglet show up at the suet feeder for a couple of weeks in January and February.

I've never seen one in October before.

The All About Birds website says they are winter residents, and breed to the north in Canada. I think they must have just arrived!  Welcome! 


cucki said...

sweet stitches..and lovely photos..
hugs x

Lianne said...

Hi Beth,

I am one of those bad bloggers, the kind that read all the posts and never comments, bad me! But time to change all that...

I loved your posts on your say in England, I read each one with anticipation and spoke of just such a trip to my hubby each time after reading your posts ;-) your big orange (I too have a big orange cat, his name is Punkin, really it is Pumpkin, but he is such a Punk...) and also your lovely photos of wild life.

Obviously I live on the wrong side of Canada,,,, the Kinglet is so beautiful and I have never seen one here in the Ottawa area.

Anyway, thanks and I hope to see more of your lovely posts.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a neat little bird. Perhaps if I started a stitching journal it might inspire me to get on and finish a piece. Puss looks so relaxed and happy, what a joy to behold.

Andrea said...

Wonderful posts this week. Great progress on all of your stitching projects. Loved the Wednesday walk. Super bird photos, the quail is such a beautifully decorated bird.

Vickie said...

What a surprise Beth! Our oldest son Jacob discovered a Kinglet on the Marquette University last week. It was stunned and sitting on the walkway, he picked it up. He held it loosely for a while and set it in a grassy area, where it some time later flew away. Hopefully the little guy was just stunned for a bit for some reason. It took him a bit of searching at home to discover what bird this was!

Margaret said...

What a pretty bird that is! Love it! Love your WIP too. Glad you picked it up again!

Barb said...

I love that little design. I always like a JBW designs. What a special little bird!

Maggee said...

You were very close to finishing the JBW piece! Probably have by now... Love seeing the Kinglets! Funny they are going North for the winter...most birds around here fly south!

Melissa said...

That Kinglet is such a cute little bird. I've never seen one before.

I love your Rabbit alphabet!

Melanie said...

I remember that WIP. I thought you had finished it. Poor little bunnies. I bet they thought you were never coming back for them. ;)