Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New Stitching Theme

It's a new a new stitching theme.
For October I'm thinking...owls.
So first off "Little Owl" a freebie by The Cricket Collection.

And a new month means its time once again to take a look at what our TRail Camera has 'captured'. 

September began with a Bob-Cat strolling about about 9:00pm.

The month continued with lots o deer.  One on this side of the creek - the two fawns are on the far side of the creek.

Here are the fawns once again.

And here's the three-some days before it became a two-some.

We came oh-so-close to getting a wonderful shot of a cougar.
Yikes that's a BIG cat and strolling about at 2:00pm in the afternoon!


SewAmy said...

I love your owl banner.

cucki said...

I love the sweet banner too..
Sweet photos
Hugs x

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

HOLY CRAP! That IS a big cat...yikes!!!
Your sweet owls need to keep their peepers open so they don't get snacked upon :)

Pam in IL said...

Sure hope that big cat doesn't wander up to your back door! I always enjoy your trail cam photos!

Can't wait to see Little Owl all stitched up.

MaƂgorzata Zoltek said...

Beautiful owl.

Margaret said...

Love the new owl-y header! Fantastic! Fun to see what your camera caught too!

Maggee said...

2:00 in the afternoon???!!! Yikes! The header is great, as always... Made me see what owl patterns I have to stitch up! Hugs!

Barb said...

That cougar is really big!! I love your new header and owls make a perfect fall theme.

Anna van Schurman said...

Owls are my alma mater's mascot. Love this month's theme. That IS one big cougar! Off to find that owl freebie.

Andrea said...

A cougar! Are you safe!? Love the owl header.

Melanie said...

Whoa. That is a big cat.

Chris said...

Wow! That cougar is huge!