Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For the Birds (and Cats)

This week it seems like there's been a flock of peacock motifs on other cross stitch blogs. That's inspired me to kit up "Charity" by Carriage House Samplings.

Many thanks to all who've sent their best wishes to our Fur Babies.
Here's the latest update:
Yesterday it became apparent that Parvati had caught the infection.  So she and Solomon went to the vet yesterday.  Solomon has a very sore inflamed throat.  He got a shot for the inflammation and a pain-killer.  Both stayed with the vet over night and will come back home later this morning.  Basically it is just an extremely infectious head-cold - but boy have the three 'victims' been miserable!

As you can see Padma (photo above) remains happy and healthy (fingers crossed).

Tom-Cat is now about 85-90% back to 'normal'.  His appetite is back, as is his interest in all things Avian.

Speaking of things Avian...

We had LOTS of activity in the backyard late yesterday afternoon.
I had several Flickers working away.

But even more exciting I saw my first Downy Woodpecker since last Summer.
I first heard the bright clear "peep" and then found the bird high atop a Big Leaf Maple.

Minutes later I saw this bird up atop the same tree.

He proved to be a good test for the new camera.

I was able to zoom in enough to tell it was a juvenile Cedar Waxwing.

Still I was pleased when the bird moved down closer into our hedgerow.

I think their 'mask' is so smart looking.

Waxwings usually hang out in flocks.

It was very odd to see one all alone - especially a young bird.
But I did not ever hear or see any other birds respond to his calls.

What a treat!


Vickie said...

Hopefully soon the kitty illnesses will be over and done.
I just love the look of a Cedar Waxwing.

Melanie said...

Oh Padma, stay away from the sickies!! You don't want that cold too, gurl!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Hope your kitties keep getting better! Love the birds!

Andrea said...

Good to hear positive news about your cats. At least they have had it all at the same time and then it will all be over. Lovely photos. I love looking at the birds we don't see over here in the UK.

Annette-California said...

Good to hear you know whats wrong with your cats. Hope Padma will remain well. Charity is a pretty chart - looking forward to seeing your progress.
love Annette

Melissa said...

I hope your kitties feel better soon. It's not fun for them nor for you!

That Cedar Waxwing is such a handsome fella! We don't get them up here.

cucki said...

i hope your kitties get better soon..
lovely birds x

Barb said...

The cedar waxwing is such a beautiful bird. I have never seen one. I sure hope the kitties are all better soon. My daughter's cat had a very similar thing. Poor Inky had to have an IV for a short while. She had a very high temperature. The good news is that Inky totally recovered. I hope the same for your cat family!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just been catching up on your recent posts - what a shame that you've ended up with more than one cat unwell. I know how awful it was when our two were really ill together - one is stressful enough but two or more isn't funny. I love the art of Marjolein Bastin, I think she captures nature to perfection.

Marcy said...

Freaky! When I looked at the pic of Padma, I would have sworn it was my old kitty Lucky. I hope your cats are better soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad the babies are mending. That Waxwing makes me think of what a Cardinal would look like without it's color.

Margaret said...

I hope your fur babies are improving by the minute and that Padma stays healthy. This sickness is terrible! Love your bird pics as always. Very beautiful! Never seen a downy woodpecker in person.

Cathy said...

I hope all of the kitties are on the road to recovery. Those are some pretty bird pics!

Pam in IL said...

What kind is your new camera and what is the zoom on it? The birds are awesome!

I've not ever had cats, so don't know, but how did they get such an infectious illness? Are they around other cats that would have exposed them?

Hoping they will all be healthy again soon!

Wanda said...

Happy to hear Tom-Cat is feeling better. Here's hoping Solomon and Parvati feel better soon and that Padma stays well!
Great pictures of the Cedar Waxwing. We used to get them in our backyard at our other house when we had serviceberry trees but have not seen any at this house. We do have 2 Downy and 2 Hairy woodpeckers who visit us (well maybe it's the lure of the peanuts) often.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Hope your fur babies have a speedy return to good health!

Maggee said...

On the road to recovery--good to read... I would say the new camera is a great one for YOU! Look at the closeups of the Cedar Waxwings you got--and the Flicker! Very nice!!