Friday, July 26, 2013

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

I thought I'd show off a bit of stitching progress on "Old Glory". This is a perfect train trip project - a minimum number of colors and long uninterrupted lines of color to stitch.

Today we took the train up to Cheshire and the town of Knutsford.
The town was florally festooned...

To celebrate the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

Tatton Park has a 1000 acre deer park...

...several large water features, a neo-classical mansion, and 50 acres of landscaped gardens.  Maybe next time we'll have time to visit the park.

Today we were all about the Flower Show.  
It was Lady's Day and there were hats, hats, and yet more hats. 

It might have helped if Mom and I had worn hats.  We got separated almost immediately.  I spent 45 minutes looking in likely locations - the last garden we'd visited together, the entry where we came into the show, the 'meeting point' for lost people...She just moved on to the Exhibition Hall, and if you can believe it, I found her there not the least bothered or worried... 

This cute display was in the Flowerbed Competition.  
It was called "Bath Time".

I really enjoyed the Display Gardens.  Most were 'reasonably' sized and pretty but practical.  I'm not a cutting-edge gardener myself, so I like ideas that I can translate to my own space.

This is "The Water Garden".

All the details were spot on!  I liked how the buildings and flowers complimented one another.

As the latest of the three RHS shows we've attended, the flowers at Tatton were reflective of high summer.

This garden may have been my favorite.
It is called "Escape to the City".

It was one of the larger gardens and the won the gold medal in the category "Young Designer of the Year."  A really great garden.

I liked "A Day at the Seaside" for a couple of reasons.
First I am a Blue Person!

And secondly, look at all the charming mosaic fish.
I do love whimsically garden art.

Another blue garden - this one was called "Splash".

Speaking of garden art...
Wow, but is "Garden Gallery" ever aptly named.

We take a break in gardening to coo over the donkey...

Okay, back to the show...
The Manchester School of Art had a great display.
Ceramic Cabbages and woven greens.  Extremely creative.

I know I said I'm not very cutting edge, but I did like the use of flexible metal in this garden.  It made for interesting supports for the sweetpeas.

Inside the Exhibition Hall the generalist and specialist nurseries pulled out all the stops.

Lots of great shopping at the show.  See the watering cans on the upper right?  Yep, I bought a couple. There was one shopping area dedicated to local foods vendors.  Mom bought some Cheshire Cheddar cheese.

We had a good, if long day.  
Does anyone recognize the ruin on the hill that I spied on the train ride back to London...?

Tomorrow - Oxford!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

My favourite today is "A Day At The Seaside" - it's so bonnie. Amazing donkey - it has the markings of a cow (was the "coo" pun intended)? Cheshire cheese is a different texture to Cheddar cheese. It's more crumbly and has a very slight tang to it.

Margaret said...

Wow, fantastic! I love the blue gardens too -- so pretty! Looking forward to Oxford. :D

Barb said...

I don't know the ruin? Please do tell. Again, I am so enjoying your English holiday - thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Anna van Schurman said...

Now I know where to go to find different things for my garden. I do have a decided lack of nonplant materials but I just can't find things I like that are different enough! Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip!

Maggee said...

I thought the donkey looked like a cow too! It's the spots! What a fantastic Garden Show! I love the art gallery aspects... the mosaics, the birdhouses, the blue one you like (though you did not show any other choices...) --oh it was all a great post! Wait till you see what I got at the antique store last weekend!! I will post this weekend!! Hugs!

Barb said...

Wow! I'm close to speechless at the beautiful gardens! I like a show too where I can take ideas back home. I fell in love with the frog(in the bath garden.) And to think you saw such wonderful ruins on a train ride!!!Amazing1( I am afraid I am over using that word when commenting on your trip!

Mary said...

Love the spotted donkey. Oxford, excuse me if I start humming the theme from Morse and Lewis, I cannot wait to see your photos.

Vickie said...

Love that last picture. And the sweet donkey.
That purple, circular garden in the upper left of your collage is AWESOME!!!

Giovanna said...

Lovely pictures again! Oxford is where my mum was born and grew up, and where my parents met :-) Besides that, it's a beautiful town - enjoy.

hazel said...

Saw tattoo park on the tv last night and it looked lovely especially the seaside garden. I think tatton is better than chelsea and hampton court.

The donkey is o ute.

Hope you have enjoyed oxford.

Hazel c UK

Lexa said...

Your sister could really use the metal highland cow to go with her goat..just sayin"

Mad about Craft said...

I live just down the road from Knutsford, in Northwich.
We haven't gone to the show this year, it has been nice to see pictures from it.
The brand of cheese your Mum bought is one I have julove discovered, I

Annette-California said...

what a Fantastic Show!!! I like the watering cans you purchased. Wow many great ideas for the garden. Loved every photo you took.
Now I want to go to Trader Joes and look for some Cheshire Cheddar cheese.
love Annette