Friday, July 19, 2013

Lambeth Palace

While it is not a castle or palace, and just a Plum Cottage, I'm pretty pleased with its construction. Now I need another long train journey to have the time and opportunity to finish it up.

Today was a Stay in London Day.  We tootled over to Westminster Bridge and walked along the Albert Embankment to Lambeth Palace.

Lambeth Palace has been the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury and his staff for over 800 years.  We were fortunate to get tickets for a guided tour.  One of the prettiest rooms in the palace is the Great Hall.  It has a lovely hammer-beam roof and houses part of the Lambeth Palace Library.  It is the main library and record office for the history of the Church of England. The collections are freely available for research.

Our tour included the Guard Room and the State Room both used now for entertaining. We also got to see the Crypt Chapel which dates back to 1199. After visiting Hever Castle yesterday, there was a certain synergy in finding out that it was here that Archbishop Thomas Cranmer told Anne Boleyn of her fate.  I wonder how he felt as he had long been her personal chaplain.

The Palace has a large, if somewhat neglected garden.

I think it is undergoing a rejuvenation and it a gangly immature garden at present.

After the tour we walked next door to Garden Museum.
Fittingly it is housed in the ancient church of St Mary’s which is the burial place of John Tradescant (c1570 – 1638), Britain's first great gardener and plant-hunter.

The location makes for a pretty museum.

There is a very small collection of garden ephemera - tools, posters, photographs, and implements.

Outside they have a small knot garden.

The protected courtyard makes for a feeling of seclusion. 

They have a few tables outside, so we had a snack in the dappled shade.

As we walked back along Lambeth Pier, we spied this attractive wedding party.

Everyone was out and about on Westminster Bridge...

...representatives from the entire world - or so it seemed.

In this hot weather ice cream vans abound.

The bridge is a great place to look over at the Houses of Parliament.

Temperatures remained a bit cooler today - another nice day!


Melanie said...

What a beautiful space for a little museum!

Vickie said...

Did you and your mom get ice cream then?

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Glad it's been cooler with you again Beth, we've had it too hot again today. I've been struggling with the heat this week and feel like I'm wilting. I find that I don't feel like stitching or knitting in this weather and then get frustrated by this. I'm trying to do a little stitching tonight - all the windows are open and there's a little breeze blowing through now.

hazel said...

The garden museum is a real gem in the middle of London.

Your day has been interesting and varied and how nice to see a wedding couple.

Holland public gardens in Kensington is worth a visit also the roof gardens at what was Derry and toms department store, suggest you phone first for they sometimes have functions on and then the gardens are not open.

Where will you go tomorrow I wonder.

Hazel c UK

Mary said...

Oh good a Wedding party...remember it is good luck to see a bride. You two seems be having good luck with weather. Men in Kilts how much fun.

Mouse said...

ooooo very nice knot garden and a great day for the newly weds as well .. and thanks for the icecream :) love mouse xxxx
who is still hot hot hot ...

Annette-California said...

You and your mom did good for a stay in London day. Beautiful stained glass window and pretty knot garden. Oooooh how I enjoy seeing a wedding group. I think the men in kilts look great. Your plum cottage is darling. I wonder if you'll be in London when the Royal baby is born. live Annette

Margaret said...

Oh I love seeing all this! So fascinating! Love the view of the Houses of Parliament too!

Barb said...

So many historic buildings and pretty weddings on this trip!

Giovanna said...

I'll never have enough of pictures of handsome men in kilts :-) ... or of Big Ben... not to mention ice-cream vans - one of my fondest memories of early-childhood visits to England is hearing the chime outside my aunt's home, and rushing out with sisters and cousins to get ice cream.

cucki said...

Aww I love seeing all these lovely places :)
Beautiful wedding x