Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Activities

I hope you have something fun and interesting planned for the weekend.
A Millipede Observation Class perhaps? No?  Then maybe this...
It's Plant Sale Weekend!
Two of the largest sales are held today - the Hardy Plant Sale at the Lane County Fair Grounds, and the Oregon Plant Sale at Alton Baker Park.  My mother has the day off - we've made lists - and we are going to shop!

I think this picture shows why Grosbeaks have their name.  Doesn't the gal on the far right have a commanding Eagle-like profile?

Lots and lots of Gold Finches - eight on this branch...

...six in this tree.

A bunny in the morning sunlight.

This male California Quail was on a mission...

...he had something to say.

 He hopped on top of one my large planters to shout out a call to all the other quail in the area.

Still reading?  Here's your reward.  Each year around Mother's Day, we are fortunate to see a Western Tanager or two on our property.  I just had time to grab my camera and pop off this one shot before the two birds flew away.  (Yeah I only managed to photograph one bird - darn it!) 


Barb said...

Hi Beth, I love those bird photos. The quail is so pretty but that Western Tanager is spectacular!! We are off to the lighthouse for a beautiful day!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I have never heard of the beautiful bird in your last photo, what a gorgeous colour. We had a lovely morning in Edinburgh and the sun stayed with us till tea time.

Mouse said...

oooo glad you had some lovely weather we did today too ... whoo hoo :)
gorgeous birds and hellooo bunrab
and hope you enjoyed your plant sale with your mum :) love mouse xxxxx