Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Need a Gnome?

I decided that Stitching Shed's "Chicken Sampler" called to me.
The colors are bright and fun - the stitching should be too! 

It's Tuesday - time for a Garden Party!

This week, Norman Gnome is our Garden Inspiration Tour Guide. 

There is no sense of scale in this photo, but these tea cup are large - about 8" or so.  Really over the top I think, but they'd add a bit of whimsy in a cottage-style garden, and Norman liked them.

You don't have to garden outside to enjoy an Orchid.  I know several people who keep one at work.  They require next to no water, and bloom for months at a time. 

If Norman was not a Gnome, and was instead a Troll with a bridge to guard, he'd think twice about these darling tin Billy Goats.

Garden Globes in blue and green.  Nothing more to say.

Make a statement with this metal flying pig!

I love this dragonfly festooned whirligig.  

Did I mention we are having warmer weather?
The Flamingos have returned to Lane County, Oregon.

Here's the latest gardening advise from the folks at Down to Earth

Wouldn't this be a cool piece of garden art?  A Chicken totem.

Norman Gnome is considering purchasing this moss purse for his wife.

Sweet little baby Quail garden stakes on glass orbs.

Here's an idea for gardening in a small space - a bucket of lettuce.

Okay, are you pumped up and ready to Garden? 
Go Shop - Go Dig - Go Play!


Diana said...

Wish I could go shopping in those places (and have the money to buy!). Fun post!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Norman The Gnome will think twice about it and buy the flying metal pig!!! :-)

carol fun said...

Norman is a handsome fellow. However you knew I was going to ask about the chicken stack. So do you remember the price? It would make a great Mother's day gift for me LOL

Mouse said...

heheh love norman .. and the dragon fly whirliegig .... do you think those tea cups are big enough even for me ..lol
and cute chart too :) love mouse xxxxx

Nurdan said...

Very pleasurable and interesting post. Thank you.

All the best

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing The Chickens as they appear. The chicken totem made me smile.

Margaret said...

Cute choice for your chicken sampler! And all the garden stuff -- too bad I don't garden. lol!

Becky Elmuccio said...

Great touches of whimsy for any garden!

Patty C. said...

The chicken sampler looks like it would be just darling :)

Melissa said...

Good golly I don't need all that inspiration! I am already inspired and that just means $$$, but wow. Yeah my DH tries to drive out of the way to avoid me and garden centres!

Looking forward to seeing your bright chickens on linen!

Cath said...

I love the chicken sampler ,so cute. Fab garden ornies too, esp the chicken totem.
Our chooks had a trip to school today. Great fun .

CalamityJr said...

I'm so excited! It was hard to tell the details on all your chicken patterns, but from what I could see I was hoping you'd stitch the one you chose! Did you feel me thinking??

What fun shopping or browsing. You find the best things to photograph and share - thank you.

Beth Pearce said...

I think that Norman and I could get along really well. I don't have a garden gnome yet, I wonder if he would come visit. Our yard seems to be bursting with many blooms not usually seen until June. Very strange year, this.

Susan Zentmyer said...

Fun finds - thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Love these posts! I love looking at all the eclectic, yet awesome, stuff. I'm not sure about that gnome though - he looks a bit too cheeky to not be plotting something devilish. lol