Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Is Not Far Away

A couple of days ago I had the first sighting of our Turkey Vultures, yes, the returning Vultures are a sign of spring!  Yesterday I heard a pair of swallows high in the sky.  Another sign of spring.  Our covey of thirteen quail has disbanded and scattered.  We now have a group of three - a male and his harem of two ladies!  And this morning a small brown brush bunny was waiting for me in a blackberry thicket as I scattered sunflower seeds on the ground.

Last night I attended the monthly meeting of the Avid Gardeners Garden Club.
The speaker was the wonderful Val Easton.  She writes a column for Seattle Times and has a great blog which I've linked with her name.  Her presentation was on "The New Low Maintenance Garden" - the name of her new book.  She had some great ideas about how to use less space, fewer plants - rely on garden art and hardscape; and thus have the time and energy to enjoy the garden!  I can't wait for Spring!  

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