Sunday, March 28, 2010

Peacock Stash

An ostentation of peacock charts!

I find it remarkable, that no matter what your interest, there is a wide range of charts to stitch.  I know of one stitcher who adores mermaids, when I looked about, I as amazed at the number of designers and designs which utilized a mermaid!

For the several years I've collected charts with bees, beehives, and beeskeps.  I like Noah's Ark charts, charts with hearts (i.e. Valentines), and snowguys.

Last spring and summer I became a rabbit / bunny advocate - and many of my stitching projects featured the adorable rodent.

Just when I thought I'd bought all the motifs that interested me, I discovered peacocks!  So now I'm all about the gaudy bird!  I've already stitched three of the charts pictured above and have the fabric and fiber to do three or four others - now, if only I had the time!