Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Singing and Cawing

Design - "Keeper of the Bees"
Designer - Ewe & Eye & Friends
Fabric - 32 count Belfast Dirty Linen
Fibers - Anchor & Threadgatherer
Started - 24 April 2005
Completed - 7 August 2005
Framed - July 2010

I thought the simplicity / complexity of the border was most clever.  I liked it so much, that when it came time to have the piece framed, I decided it did not need a mat to provide separation - the border did that just fine.  

This piece tested me a bit - Threadgatherer Silks were used to create the four spiderweb rosettes - some turned out better than others. I came to the conclusion that it looked like nature - each flower a bit different than the others.  Lastly, I was most pleased with the frame.  I felt that the running floral pattern echoed the rambling flowers in the stitch.

Who is singing?

The Black-headed Grosbeaks are still singing up a storm!

They have a truly lovely song.

Flickers and Band-tailed Pigeons can't carry a tune.

This guy though can!

Not a great photo, but it's of a young Western Tanager.0
Another lovely melody.

And you know how Crows roll.

A bunch of squawks and caws.

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Robin in Virginia said...

Pretty beehive piece! Love the frame molding!