Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Bouquets

A cold, clear, frosty morning!  A quite hard frost is glittering on the grass this morning, but the sky is blue blue blue and the sun is shining. I think it will be a glorious May Day!
Design - Spring (Zipper kit)
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - unknown - large count like Tula
Fibers - six strands
Started - 18 March 2001
Completed - 1 April 2001

I pulled this out of my Cross Stitch Archive to as a May Day visual aid.  As a child did you ever make bouquets from wildflowers and cuttings in the garden, and hang them on the neighbors' door knobs?  I did!

If I were to do it this year, here are some of the components I could use to make a bouquet.

Wild Cherry Blossoms

Late blooming Daffodils

Butter Cups and Camas

Shooting Stars (though I don't think I'd ever pick them!)

Lambs' Tongues

Wild Geranium


and False Solomon's Seal

I think it would make a lovely May Day Bouquet, but I am content to enjoy it digitally! 
Happy May Day Everyone!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Happy May Day Beth. I've always felt that there is something special about the first of May.

Nancy said...

Happy May Day! Never hung flowers on doorknobs but did dance around the May Pole wrapping it in brightly colored streamers.

Alisa said...

Lovely pictures and I really like the Bent Creek piece! I'm so glad that May is finally here!