Monday, December 2, 2013

Here We Are and It's December

I'm taken with this new Prairie Schooler chart.  I like the two reindeer ornaments, the partridge, the trees.  Well, I like most of them I guess.  I think I'll start with the green reindeer top row center. And I need to buy some more DMC.

The lights on the house are lit and the tree is decorated!  The Paperbark Maple is decorated anyway.  I wonder what the deer and the birds think of it. 

Here's my Best Bird Shot of late.  It's a photo of the ever-flitting Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  The smallbirds are very active in the mature Douglas Fir trees now.  The problem is two-fold - they are tiny little things and they do not stay still.  I think I took 20 photos and only managed to get one that was worth showing. 

It was much easier to photograph this couple.
A female Oregon Junco

A male Oregon Junco

Lots and lots and lots of California Quail in the backyard. 

Here they are making a dash from the safety of the berm to the bird feeders. 

I've counted several times now and get between 28 to 32 birds!

I just wish I could manage a photo or two of the entire group.

My photos are male-heavy, but I think the group is pretty evenly split.

It's now impossible to tell this year's babies from the mature adults.

That's a lot of growing and maturing in just 5 month's time.

We are supposed get an Arctic Blast mid-week with highs around freezing and lows in the 'teens'.  That only happens every 5 years or so.  I'll need to empty the bird baths and fountains so they do not crack and freeze.  I'm going to move most of my potted plants inside the garage or shop.  And I think I need to cover the greenhouse with blankets so that it will better retain heat.  Lots to do in the next couple of days. 


Catherine said...

Love seeing your bird pics! We have had milder temps the last few days, but the cold is coming back later this week along with some yucky precipitation....stay warm!

Margaret said...

Yikes, that's cold! Good luck with the chores. Love the bird pics -- so the male quail are the ones with the doo-hickeys on their heads? Love your December header and your new stitching project too!

Kathy F said...

Love love the birds! Gotta get a new heated birdbath this year. I love the wasseling chart on the of my favorite carols!! Could you tell me the chart & designer names please? Hope it's still in print!

Vickie said...

Love the Paperbark Maple. Those are awesome trees.
Ugh. Welcome to the Arctic Blast. That is what winter is like in January and February around here. brr.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your new header looks good. I hope the temperatures don't dip too much.

Melody said...

Great bird pics. I love seeing the quail. I think they are so cute. We have much colder temps than that here in the Midwest in the winter. Those would be considered not that bad for here.

Good luck on the Nordic stitching. :)

Carol said...

Love your December header, Beth! And your PS projects look like fun... Lucky you having the tree all up and decorated. I started the smaller stuff yesterday, but ran out of steam before I could get the tree up :)

Hope you deal with the Arctic blast in mid-week. I guess we are getting your temps then as the high on Wed. is supposed to be in the 50s!! So unusual for December...

Melissa said...


- the new header
- the PS chart
- the funny California Quails!

We are supposed to get snow but it looks too nice outside (eg warm) for that right now! Hopefully we will get our snow tires on before it does snow!

Happy Stitching, Beth!

Barb said...

We have wrapped all the large pots (too big to bring in)with big bubble wrap. The rest will come in the garage. All the birds are very busy at the feeder. I think they can feel the weather coming. I do love that chart. Since I live in a Norwegisn town, I ought to get that chart!

Pam in IL said...

I agree with you about the PS charts. Can't wait to see all that you stitch.

That arctic blast is headed our way and it looks like we'll be getting it around Thursday.

Giovanna said...

Enjoy the new stitch (nice!), and thanks for sharing the great bird pics.

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Very beautiful designs!

Maggee said...

Starting at the bottom again... so tardy! I actually thought of you when I looked out on my porch today and find there are six mourning doves perched on my chairs, all puffed up to protect against the 34 degree damp weather! I even mentioned to my sister that you have pheasants where we have the doves! Enjoy stitching the Prairie Schooler designs... Hugs!