Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Further Signs of the Season - A Good Day

I had several errands to take care of yesterday, so I went downtown and stopped in at Down to Earth on 5th Street.  They had the first violas and pansies of the season and I bought three or four.  These lovely flowers allow me to embrace the changing seasons. 
The Tuesday Farmers' Market was in full swing too - a pleasant surprise for me because I am not often in town during the week.  I had a wonderful buffalo bacon burger with bleu cheese and onions from Field to Table and I bought pan au chocolate from Eugene City Bakery.  Yummy! I did not have my camera which was a shame as the food displays are so vibrant this time of year. I did  pick up fresh corn, spinach, fingerling potatoes, and onions.  Most of that will be served tonight with albacore from the Oregon coast.  Sometimes eating locally is no hardship!   

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